What can the Doctrine and Covenants teach us about Jesus and Heavenly Father?

Many of us refer to the Bible and the Book of Mormon when we want to know more about our Savior and Heavenly Father. While the Doctrine and Covenants is referenced when people want to know about the LDS Church history and its governance. However, this book also...
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What the Mormon Church Teaches About Envy

When we see our peers being so incredibly blessed and appearing to be happier than we are, we can feel jealous. However, our church leaders have taught us that envy is not inevitable, and can be overcome.

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Strengthen Marriage With These 5 Compliments

Does strengthening marriage always require a lot? Sometimes, all it takes is a sincere compliment. Here are five tips to keep the love alive.

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How To Forgive Yourself After Mistakes

How To Forgive Yourself After Mistakes

Even after undergoing the process of repentance, you may still find it hard to forgive yourself. These four steps can help you find that sweet peace again.

When We Forget How to Breathe

When We Forget How to Breathe

“Relax. Hinga ka lang,” Sometimes we need to say this to ourselves a little too often. Here’s what our Savior wants us to do when we forget how to breathe.

What It Means To Have Real Intent

What It Means To Have Real Intent

When we are searching for the truth, we need to have “real intent”. But what does it mean to have real intent? How do we gain real intent?


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"Our faith will move mountains..."

Duero Branch is 70+ kms away from the stake center and located north east of the beautiful island of Bohol. Many of the saints in this branch are living in far flung areas including their faithful branch president and his family. They have to travel at least 34 kms one way just to attend Sunday services. Despite of this challenge they continue to grow.

Indeed, their faith and sacrifices will not go unnoticed by HIM.

— Jerome Galotera
President, Tagbilaran Philippines Stake
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When I was a young, I've always dreamt of having a successful life then having a family afterwards. But then, our Heavenly Father really has another plan for me.

I went to college and told myself I had to graduate with flying colors and be successful to have a beautiful career. From then, I worked hard to achieve high grades, attend seminars, have extra curricular activities, and maintain my academic performance. Despite of the struggles, I learned to balance my secular learning by attending Institute classes. Then, I graduated last March 31, 2017 with flying colors as a Cum laude.

While journeying college life, I met my husband at the institute, from then we worked out our relatonship and after his mission, we decided to get married in the temple. When we were preparing for our marriage and wedding, there were many challenges that came in our way.

I was a graduating student when he came back from mission, and my husband had no stable job back then. There was a time that we needed to attend a marriage seminar in the morning, then have my final exams in the afternoon. There were people asking me why I am marrying at a young age.

Some people even said, "Bakit ka naman nagmamadali? Di mo na maeenjoy ang single life" and, "Mahirap maghanap ng work pag married na, think about it". Those were the hardest time for me, but those were also the times that I felt the help and comfort from our Heavenly Father. Those hardest times were also a teaching moment for me and for those people in sharing my faith and love in the gospel.

And after a week of my graduation, my husband and I were married in the temple last April 7, 2017. That was the happiest day of my life - being sealed for time and all eternity with my eternal companion. Those challenges and trials were indeed worth the struggle. They were indeed worth eternity.

Today I may not be practicing my career now as what I've planned. Now, I'm focusing more on being a wife and preparing to become a mother soon. This opportunity is irreplaceable. I know that this is my divine role, to be a homemaker. I know that this is Heavenly Father's plan for me. I may not be on the track I thought I would be, but nothing can be worth more than what I am experiencing now.

I am grateful for my husband for supporting me whenever I'm discouraged and for loving me unconditionally. I am grateful for his priesthood to guide us whenever we face trials in our lives. I am eternally grateful to have him in my life.

Indeed, our Heavenly Father has the best plan for each of us. Challenges and trials will always test us a hundred times, but if we are in the Lord side, we will never fail. I know that he will help us. He will help us to win. I testify that if we have faith in him, trust his plan for us, he will help and guide us, as we follow his commandents. Marrying at the age of 20 is a leap of faith, but I know our Heavenly Father is there to help me to become the wife and mother he designed me to be.

There may be times that we don't understand His plans for us now but trusting his plan and will for us, shows how much we love our Heavenly Father and his gospel.

— Jen Basay
Marikina Stake
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Mormons.Ph3 days ago
"Buntis kana? Bakit biglaan ang kasal, may laman ba?"

In a world full of "pakasalan mo kasi nabuntis", we are very grateful to be one of the "gusto naming magka pamilya kaya magpapakasal kami".

I've heard way too many questions why we have to get married early. Yes, it was shocking and confusing why so young and so tender, we decided to be sealed for time and all eternity at the age of 22.

While he was serving in the mission field, many people would ask "why bother waiting?", many people would say "long distance relationships are never successful", and others would even doubt if it's actually worth the wait. Well as for me, I always say it takes two to tango.

Truly, young as you are, you tend to succumb to society's ideals that marriage is but an awful thing. They say Marriage is something you should not be thinking of at the age of 22. Travel the world, fulfill your career, get rich, settle down IF NECESSARY.

But ask this in your mind, why say WHAT IF when this is an essential part in the Plan of Salvation? Why say WHAT IF when this is a commandment? Why say WHAT IF when it is a righteous decision?

When we let ourselves dwell in the WHAT IFs of this world, we are unconsciously denying the power of the Lord. We are rejecting the blessings of the priesthood. We are resisting the chances of taking part in fulfilling the Plan. Family is not just a thing but it's everything.

When people asked me why I chose to get married early, I need not say more but rather answer this is a righteous decision. I'm not saying let go of your dreams or settle down even if you barely have the resources.

Strengthen your faith and testimony, seek ye first the kingdom of God...and all these things shall be added unto you. Marriage is a beautiful thing. It requires faith and commitment. It requires seeing the beauty than dwelling in negativity. It demands lowering your pride and building up your understanding. More importantly, it requires hearkening to your husband's counsel as he would hearken unto our Father.

— Cyd Ritz Largo - Lumanta
Iligan City, Iligan
Mormons.Ph5 days ago
We need not feel envious of others because we all are equally loved by our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, no matter our abilities, status in life, or achievements. Do you agree?
Mormons.Ph5 days ago
I am a convert to the church and I'm originally from Dumaguete. Knowing that family is central to the plan of happiness, I prayed to Heavenly Father that one day He would bless me with a worthy priesthood holder whom I'd marry in the temple.

I met Noa in December 2015. He's from New Zealand. He served in Philippines Loaog Mission. After his mission he came back to the Philippines to visit some members in his mission areas. Then he came to my place to meet me. Later he proposed to marry me on 28th March 2016. In July 2016, I moved to New Zealand to be with him and got married by August 2016. Later we were blessed with a cute son.

Just like any other marriages, I had several adjustments.

It was really hard for me because it was my first time being away from my family. I had adjustments in terms of food, culture, weather, and language. But through the gospel of Jesus Christ I was able to meet members and family of my husband who helped me throughout that time.

When I got pregnant, I wanted to go back to the Philippines. I felt like I could not bear all the challenges I had with my husband. I thought that going back to my hometown would make it better.

I prayed to seek for divine help. Through prayer, we were drawn closer to each other and to our Savior. I'm grateful that our Bishop here had helped me too. I also received counsel from Elder Evan Schmutz through social media. His counsels helped me to decide that I should stay and that I must hold on and be more patient.

Though there may be hardships in our lives, the Savior has promised us that if we look unto Him, He will lead us within the path where we should go. Family is important to me. I am hurt if one member of my family is hurt. That's how much I love my family. And now, it is my very focus and priority to have a Christ-centered and happy family. I am proud to say that we are a work-in-progress.

— Cristel Jane Ambo-Tangi & Noa Tangi
Mangere, New Zealand
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