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How Does a Mormon Halloween Look Like?

Since Mormons do not advocate a spooky Halloween celebration, do they have at least a “Mormon Halloween” where kids can enjoy themselves? Absolutely YES!


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When I was a kid, I took for granted everything my mom would say. I was hard headed and learned to talk back. I was naughty, wishing to go somewhere I could be alone. I did not want to hear any of their chastisements.

January 7, 2011 was the most heartbreaking day of my life. It was the last day that I'd be with my parents. They left the Philippines to work in the foreign country to sustain our needs.

I could still recall the hard times we had in order to maintain a constant communication due to inadequate resources. But, even though we're miles apart, I could still feel their love and concern for us. They never miss to counsel us in a loving way.

My parents both served a full-time mission before. Mom served a full time mission in Philippines Baguio Mission from February 1985 - August 1986. To me, she is a super MOM. My dad served his mission in Philippines Cebu-Bacolod Mission from July 1986 to August 1988. He is hard working, wise and smart. He trains us to be independent and industriuos. To me, he is a super DAD.

With all their achievements, they never failed to show me the values they have in life. They both raised me and my brothers in the true church of Christ. They taught us the gospel, how to magnify church callings with a willing heart, serve others without expecting in return, accept everyone's imperfections, avoid murmuring and procrastinations, face everything with courage and faith, love those who hate us and follow the Savior's path.

Now that I'm a lady, I learn to appreciate more the things that my parents did for our family. I really miss them and want to be with them again in every special occasions. Their teachings, examples and values will always remain in my heart. May we all give heed to the counsel that we "Honor [our] father and [our] mother that [our] days may be long in the land..." 1 Nephi 17:55

— Ena Zarah Pada Perez
Mangino Ward, Gapan Stake
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I am the seventh of 8 siblings. We lived most of our lives without our dad. Our mother raised us all by herself. People would say that mom was a beer-cigarette-lover person. I remember buying some for her (did not know about WOW, then.. I was only 6.). Then missionaries came into our lives. They taught us and we accepted. Mom never hesitated in quitting smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. After she was taught the Word of Wisdom, then and there she stopped her vices.

Life was not smooth. Mom had to work for all of us. We did not have much. There were days when all that we have was one fish and some rice but she remained faithful. I never saw her question God for all that happened.

Most of us had to go to school. We did not have enough money for our tuition fees so some had to stop and postpone schooling. Mom did not question God too. Mom remained faithful. She was obedient. There were nights when I'd see her lost in her deepest thoughts. She must be worried about us.

We remained faithful just like she did. My brother went on his mission and years after I went on my mission too. Partly, it was because of my mother's faith why we served our mission. We were obedient.

On December 19, 2016. My brother's friend told us that my brother was shot multiple times and that he was struggling to breathe. He left for the Spirit World that night. It was hard. It was painful. Mom remained faithful. She was obedient to His commandments. She did not question God for what had happened to my brother.

In February 2017, mom was diagnosed with cancer. Ultrasound showed that liver and pancreas were affected. It was the hardest. I remembered clearly what she said after she learned she had cancer. She told me that that is how life is; one day we all have to leave this world. She remained faithful. She remained obedient.

With the help of family and friends, we were able to have her CT-scanned. We found out that she had cholangeocarcinoma, cancer in the bile duct, a very rare case. The doctor said that no operation could help to cure the disease. No word in the dictionary could ever describe how hard it was. But she remained faithful and happy. She remained obedient. She did not question God.

She left October 12, 2017. 2:17pm. Life continued. It was hard. It was painful but it was amazing how disappointments, discouragements, pain, trials, sorrow or even death of loved ones never led us to question God.

We remained faithful (like our mom did), we remained obedient (like our mom did), we stayed in the Church (like our mom did), we remained happy (like our mom did), we did not question God (like our mom did).

Her example will remain a legacy to us. I know that we would be seeing her and our brother in the great day. I know God planned each of our lives in great detail. He knows us. He loves us. He is and will always be mindful of us.

— Jessa Mae Escober
Midsayap Branch, Cotabato District
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Tag that special friend 😍❤️
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I have always believed in Christ. My faith in Him led me to discover and join many churches and religions before. I was in my teen age when I had become acquainted to many worship groups. But I was unstable, and felt that there was something I was searching that I couldn't find at that time. It was something I also couldn't find the answer. Until I started working as a student assistant in our university library.

While I was looking over the books, I saw a simply covered blue book with words on its front page "The Book of Mormon". I tried to read the first pages but time was limited so I had to stop and return back the book to the shelf. When I returned to the library, nowhere I could find the book again.

Then, for almost 2 years, I became weak in attending churches and worships because I felt discontented and that there was something missing. Not until I met Sister Junsay who was at that time a school leader. I became close to her because of school activities and we turned out to be good friends.

Out of nowhere, we talked about religion. She shared to me about the LDS church. She talked about the keystone of their religion which is the Book of Mormon. I was amazed by how she expressed the greatness of the book. I also asked her about the image of a castle in her golden necklace which she explained as the Temple of God and which I had later known as Young Woman Medallion.

I was touched when she mentioned about the extraordinary happiness and peace one could feel when inside the temple. So I ask her a copy of the Book of Mormon. She gave me. I read it. I also attended church sacrament meetings, was taught by missionaries, received the Gospel and was baptized on the 5th of December, 2015. That was the best decision I made in my life.

Throughout my membership in the church, I came to make a decision to pause my studies and prepare for mission. It wasn't easy. I am the 2nd eldest in the family and I have 9 siblings. I am the only member yet which makes it more challenging. But the Lord is merciful and loving. He helped me overcome all challenges from the pressure in my studies and the pressure in my responsibilities for my family. He was with me at times I felt helpless, he was with me at times I felt forgotten.

If I had not become a member of the Church, I'd probably be one of those who had no paths in life. I was lost. But now I was found, because of the Book of Mormon. Because of Him.
I have now received my mission call. I have been called to serve as a missionary of the Lord in Chile Santiago North Mission to report on March 14, 2018.

My happiness is unmeasurable and it gives me chills of excitement. I can't wait to finally serve Him and proclaim His gospel to the world. I know that my family will accept the truthfulness of the gospel in the right time prepared by the Lord. I testify that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only restored true church of the Lord. Joseph Smith was a prophet and Thomas S. Monson is our living prophet today. Jesus Christ is my Savior. Heavenly Father is my eternal Ffather above.

— Çhristjan Aqui
Zamboanga City, Zamboanga del Sur
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What would your life be like without the Book of Mormon?
Elder Russell M. Nelson, October 2017 General Conference
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