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Who are the Mormon Missionaries?

Mormon missionaries are Jesus Christ’s representatives in these days, teaching how people may be saved both from physical and spiritual death. They also proclaim the pure love that God has for each of us.

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Sharing our Faith with Love for ALL of God’s People

In sharing our faith with others, the trap of unconsciously labeling other faiths and beliefs as incorrect is common. But we must remember that God doesn’t want us to put down anyone’s beliefs, only to take the good that they already have and add to it.

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Mormons.Ph1 day ago
Happy Sabbath day! ❤️❤️❤️
Mormons.Ph2 days ago
"True love is not something you fall in, but grow in. It is not happenstance as much as something you control, choose and act upon." - Lynn G. Robbins
Mormons.Ph2 days ago
Loved this ❤️ What a great reminder!
Mormons.Ph3 days ago
True enough ❤️ Obedience brings blessings!
Mormons.Ph added 4 new photos.4 days ago
Two missionaries went asking me for specific road directions. I told them that our place was the dead end street.

I don't usually welcome nor entertain religious preachers of any faith but I didn't know what happened. I just felt good to invite these missionaries to enter in our house.

When they taught me about the Book of Mormon, I was investigating if there was a contradiction to the Bible. In my past experience, I have met some preachers who said that their own version of the Bible is true and the original one.

Instead, the missionaries simply invited me to read, ponder and pray.
But as I read the Book of Mormon, I could find no contradictions.

Furthermore, I was separated for 12 years and I was living with another woman. When the missionaries taught me about the law of chastity, I asked, "How could I be baptized into His church?"

The missionaries provided me two options. It's either we go our separate ways or we'll wait for 5 years. I was willing to wait for another 5 years. But to make the story short, I broke up with my live-in partner.

I went back to site and asked for the missionaries to visit me again. When the missionaries once again found me, I told them I wanted to be baptized.


Originally I'm from Binmaley, Pangasinan but I was baptized in Tarlac 5th Ward, Tarlac Stake last Saturday July 15 2018.

— Antonio Estrellas
Tarlac 5th Ward, Tarlac Stake
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