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What the Mormon Church Teaches About Envy

When we see our peers being so incredibly blessed and appearing to be happier than we are, we can feel jealous. However, our church leaders have taught us that envy is not inevitable, and can be overcome.

How To Forgive Yourself After Mistakes

Even after undergoing the process of repentance, you may still find it hard to forgive yourself. These four steps can help you find that sweet peace again.


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Mormons.Ph2 hours ago
Magkakilala na kami nung mga youth days pa, dahil magkastake naman kami... pero hanggang "magkakilala lang" yung status namin. Well he said, he doesn't like me noon at nababadtrip daw sya sa akin kahit makita nya lang ako, and FYI, I don't like him either. Haha! Until such time, he returned home from his mission (Tacloban Mission). It was March 17, 2012, during our Stake Relief Society Anniversary celebration when out of nowhere, we were introduced to each other by his mom, and my bestfriend (Ate Lorna), kahit magkakilala naman kami. Yun lang, ganun lang tapos wala na ulit... nagkikita lang kami sa mga sumunod na stake activities, pero random talks lang with our mutual friends.

Until this time, June 1, 2012 we had our Stake Institute class with Pres. Manny Reyes (former CES coordinator assigned to our stake). He who just arrived from mission, asked Pres. Manny for instructions regarding institute classes, and having no idea, Pres. Manny introduced us to each other and he said to him to get my number, at saakin magtanong. And so it goes, naging magkatext kami una para sa institute classes, hanggang umabot na lang sa "getting to know each other". We texted, we talked, we dated, and we went to the temple to ask Heavenly Father if we are the ones meant for each other. It was a YES, and we became boyfriend/­girlfriend on August 2012.

As members of the church, we are already familiarized with the thought that after mission, the next goal is TM. I knew from the start na kapag sinagot ko sya, kasal na agad ang offer nya and during that time, I have the desire and plan to go on a mission as well. In short, I haven't able to serve and I agreed to just be married in the temple. Our relationship is not as smooth sailing as we wished. Tumagal ng 2 years ang relationship namin, bago kami makapagpakasal. Maraming trials, maraming oppositions, maraming kontra sa desisyon namin pero hindi kami sumuko.

We got married in the Manila Philippines Temple last October 2014, and it was the most significant day of our lives. After marriage, we immediately planned to have a child, and really start our own family. However, the Lord's plan is always better than our own plans. We got the best blessing, after a year and 7 months. We found out that I am pregnant for 6 weeks last May 2016.

Now, we are enjoying the fruit of our exact obedience to the commandments of the Lord. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last January 2017 and she is now 8 months old.

Brothers and sisters, do not be discourage if things do not fall on how you've planned it, or how you expect your life to be. Always remember that the Lord's plan for us is always the best than our plans. We just have to wait patiently for God's perfect timing for everything in this life. May we always choose the harder right, than the easier wrong as what Pres. Thomas S. Monson has commanded us.

— Elijah Senolos
Cabuyao 1st Ward, Cabuyao Stake
Mormons.Ph added 2 new photos.1 day ago
✔️ Full-time Mission
✔️ Temple Marriage
✔️ Work
✔️ Callings in the Church
☑️ Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Degree

Some of my friends and family thought that this would be the case: "Magtapos ka muna bago ka mag-asawa. Mahihirapan ka. Sayang mga opportunities at talents mo." Some people thought, "Maaapektuhan ang pag-aaral kapag nag-asawa ka na." But still, Myca and I heeded the answers to our prayers to marry in the temple.

After our marriage, Myca and I moved to a new town where I needed to travel 4 hours away from home each week to attend and finish my studies.

Later, we welcomed our son, Jesse Caleb. Carrying Caleb for the first time was the greatest moment of my life since Myca and I got married. With that, I enrolled in the classes in which the schedule would allow me to balance my time with family and church. Although it takes hard work, I knew that I will still be able to get the education I desired.

Some people may have thought that I have to sacrifice many things to get married and start a family. But in reality I gained everything. I knew that when I choose to put the Lord first, everything else will be given to me.

For me, it wasn’t a choice between family OR education. It’s family first AND then education at the same time. Yes, mahirap! Minsan nakakapagod. Maraming beses na sinasabi ko na “huwag na ako mag-aral, magtrabaho na lang ako.” Pero palagi kong naiisip ang sinabi ni Pres. Hinckley:

“I hope you [young people] will look upon the educational opportunity that you have as a great blessing. I know it is a grind. I know it is difficult. I know you get discouraged at times. I know you wonder why you are doing it at times. But keep on, keep hammering away, and keep learning. You will never regret it as long as you live but will count it as a great blessing”.

IT’S TRUE! I never regretted it. It is indeed a great blessing and an opportunity.

Thank you Sweetie, Myca Michelle Lamoglia - Garcia, for the constant motivation and inspiration, for believing in me and the things I am capable of doing. And to our Caleb, you and your mom are the reasons why I wanted to finish college. I will continue to strive in order to PRESIDE, PROVIDE and PROTECT our family.

— Michael Garcia
Tarlac City, Tarlac
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My daughter's name is Rebekah Czaliff. I call her "Life". She was born premature when I was nearing 42. I was told that the baby might not make it. She was brought home 2 days after delivery by CS while I stayed at the hospital for more days. Life was healthy and beautiful.

As the youngest and only girl, she is showered with much love and attention. She grew up a fine girl, friendly but reserved. She is a bit shy partly because she is taller than kids her age.

In several primary presentations she would slightly slouch or bend her knees so she won't be towering over the rest. She sits all the time at the back rows. She's one girl who does not want to be noticed.

Music became her passion. At age 8 she began her formal piano lessons. At age 9 she assists in the sacrament hymns, and later during branch and district conferences. Despite her shyness to be in a crowd, she managed to make it good in school music recitals.

Life just turned 11 and a regular grade 3 in a formal music and arts school, and a 6th grader in a private school.

Just few years ago Life was terrified to perform during recital and church meetings. There was an instance that she cried and ran and left the recital venue during a practice.

Now she has gained confidence and developed more love for piano and music. The small nook at home with the big, old piano becomes her private area for practicing and enjoying her God given talent.

While she hones her skills with the support of family, the Church likewise supports talents of children like Life. The opportunity given her each Sunday to play the sacrament hymns develops her reverence and prepares her for future callings. I am thankful that we have primary organization leaders, mostly young parents, who help in the spiritual and social development of our children.

Now nearing 53, almost a grand-mom to daughter Life, I am grateful there is a Young Women (YW) Organization who will assist me as my daughter embraces young womanhood in a couple of years from now. Can't wait to see her in a beehive class.

— Eliza Mendoza
Tagum City, Davao del Norte
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"Our faith will move mountains..."

Duero Branch is 70+ kms away from the stake center and located north east of the beautiful island of Bohol. Many of the saints in this branch are living in far flung areas including their faithful branch president and his family. They have to travel at least 34 kms one way just to attend Sunday services. Despite of this challenge they continue to grow.

Indeed, their faith and sacrifices will not go unnoticed by HIM.

— Jerome Galotera
President, Tagbilaran Philippines Stake
Mormons.Ph added 3 new photos.4 days ago

When I was a young, I've always dreamt of having a successful life then having a family afterwards. But then, our Heavenly Father really has another plan for me.

I went to college and told myself I had to graduate with flying colors and be successful to have a beautiful career. From then, I worked hard to achieve high grades, attend seminars, have extra curricular activities, and maintain my academic performance. Despite of the struggles, I learned to balance my secular learning by attending Institute classes. Then, I graduated last March 31, 2017 with flying colors as a Cum laude.

While journeying college life, I met my husband at the institute, from then we worked out our relatonship and after his mission, we decided to get married in the temple. When we were preparing for our marriage and wedding, there were many challenges that came in our way.

I was a graduating student when he came back from mission, and my husband had no stable job back then. There was a time that we needed to attend a marriage seminar in the morning, then have my final exams in the afternoon. There were people asking me why I am marrying at a young age.

Some people even said, "Bakit ka naman nagmamadali? Di mo na maeenjoy ang single life" and, "Mahirap maghanap ng work pag married na, think about it". Those were the hardest time for me, but those were also the times that I felt the help and comfort from our Heavenly Father. Those hardest times were also a teaching moment for me and for those people in sharing my faith and love in the gospel.

And after a week of my graduation, my husband and I were married in the temple last April 7, 2017. That was the happiest day of my life - being sealed for time and all eternity with my eternal companion. Those challenges and trials were indeed worth the struggle. They were indeed worth eternity.

Today I may not be practicing my career now as what I've planned. Now, I'm focusing more on being a wife and preparing to become a mother soon. This opportunity is irreplaceable. I know that this is my divine role, to be a homemaker. I know that this is Heavenly Father's plan for me. I may not be on the track I thought I would be, but nothing can be worth more than what I am experiencing now.

I am grateful for my husband for supporting me whenever I'm discouraged and for loving me unconditionally. I am grateful for his priesthood to guide us whenever we face trials in our lives. I am eternally grateful to have him in my life.

Indeed, our Heavenly Father has the best plan for each of us. Challenges and trials will always test us a hundred times, but if we are in the Lord side, we will never fail. I know that he will help us. He will help us to win. I testify that if we have faith in him, trust his plan for us, he will help and guide us, as we follow his commandents. Marrying at the age of 20 is a leap of faith, but I know our Heavenly Father is there to help me to become the wife and mother he designed me to be.

There may be times that we don't understand His plans for us now but trusting his plan and will for us, shows how much we love our Heavenly Father and his gospel.

— Jen Basay
Marikina Stake
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